Who we are

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We are a group of women developers who came together to write and talk about women in tech issues. We’d like women developer candidates to have a feeling what it is like to be one. We share what our experiences that we had because we were women developers. And we maintain  a medium through which we communicate.

Our purpose is:

  • To increase the visibility of women developers
  • To inspire women developer candidates especially to those outside of İstanbul
  • To create awareness about discrimination and prejudices against women developers and women developer candidates. Also to create awareness about them.
  • To provide a communication medium for women developers

What we do:

Kadın yazılımcı konuları ile ilgili yazılar ve kadın yazılımcıların teknik konulardaki yazılarını yazıyor ve yayınlıyoruz.

  • We write and publish about women developer issues and technical articles by women developers.
  • We maintain an email list for people who are interested in women developer topics.
  • We talk at events that we are invited. We network women developers and women developer candidates at events. We support them by answering their questions.
  • We publish ads that are sent to us through our social media accounts and email lists.

We welcome all women in tech. There are both senior women developers and junior developers, students among us.

You can reach us through this form.

We have an email list for people interested in women in tech issues. Women, men, technical people, non-technical people anyone can become a member. Send an empty email to herkes+subscribe@kadinyazilimci.com. You’ll receive a link. Please introduce yourself and apply for the membership through the form at the link.